Bedding and minor faulting in Camp Hill Sandstone, State Circle, Canberra - image courtesy Douglas Finlayson

Australian Capital Territory

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Talks & Events
Monthly Division Meetings

Date: Third Tuesday of each month (Except January)
Venue: Jaeger Lecture Theatre, Jaeger Building (Building 61), Mills Road, Australian National University
Time: 5pm for 5.30pm start

New members are always welcome!
Come along to a monthly meeting or contact a committee member if you would like to be more involved with the ACT Division committee. 

Next event
Details for the 2018 meetings TBA

Previous Division Meetings
25 November 2017
Topic: Joint societies Xmas party

21 November 2017
Speaker: Professor Stephen Eggins (RSES)
Topic: Planktic foraminifers produce shells made of vaterite. So what or big deal?

17 October 2017
Topic: The major crustal boundaries of Australia in 2D and 3D: implications for metallogenesis
Speaker: Michael Doublier 

19 September 2017
Topic: Application of the Hydrogeological Landscape characterization tool to enable strategic natural resource management in upland to transitional catchments
Speaker: Leah Moore (University of Canberra)

15 August 2017
Topic: A comparison between the fossil fish faunas from the Talbragar Fossil Fish Bed near Gulgong, NSW and the Koonwarra Fossil Bed, Gippsland, Victoria
Speaker: Lynne Bean (ANU)

18 July 2017
Topic: Exploring for the Future – the minerals-related components
Speaker: Dr Richard Blewett (Geoscience Australia)

20 June 2017
Topic: Where biology meets mineralogy: how good are our biomineral climate archives?
Speaker: Dr Oscar Branson (RSES, ANU)

16 May 2017
Topic: Searching for paleoclimate archives on the East Antarctic margin: Sabrina Seafloor Survey 2017
Speaker: Phil O'Brien

19 April 2017
Topic: Woolshed Creek Fossil Site Opening Ceremony

22 March 2017
Topic: Students Careers Lunch
Speakers: Simon Veitch (from industry), Claire Orlov (from government) and Caroline Eakin (from academia)

ACT Geological Guidebook and Map
The 1:100,000 scale "Geology of the Australian Capital Territory" geological map and ACT geological guidebook

"A Geological Guide to Canberra region and Namagi National Park" are now available.
Please click on the link below to download an order form or contact ACT Division Secretary for more information.

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Republished: 'Images in Stone – A guide to the building stones of Parliament House'
The publication provides details on every aspect of the stonework in all parts of the Parliament House building,
including areas not open to the public. Please click on the link below to download an order form
or contact ACT Division Secretary, details below.

Student Prizes

Ken Campbell First Year Prize (for ANU students)
Presented annually to the student with the best results in ANU First Year subjects 'ENVS1004 - Australia's Environment and 'EMSC1006 - The Blue Planet' (or equivalent) and who intends to proceed further in courses offered by the ANU Research School of Earth Sciences.

David Blake Second Year Earth Sciences Prize (for University of Canberra students)
Awarded to the highest achieving second year student with a GPA of 5 or more for the first year Earth System Science and Earth Surface Processes and second year Australian Regolith, Landscape and Soils, and Geographic Information Systems subjects.

Mike Rickard Third Year Prize (for ANU students)
Presented annually to the student who was enrolled in a program leading to a degree of Bachelor in the ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences; who has completed three or more of the following EMSC3000 series courses:
EMSC3001; EMSC3002; EMSC3007; EMSC3019; EMSC3022; EMSC3023; EMSC3024; EMSC3025; EMSC3027; EMSC3028; and achieved the best result as shown by the award of the highest average mark in the three EMSC3000 series courses in which the student obtained the best results.

Student prizes are awarded annually. The winner receives a cash sum and one-year GSA membership. For information about the prizes, contact the ACT Division Secretary.


Chair: John Rogers

Vice Chair: Chris Lewis

Secretary: Patrick Carr

Treasurer: Doug Finlayson

The Capital Geologist (Newsletter) Editor:
Patrick Carr

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Student Reps
Patrick Carr

Divisional Committee Members
Shirley McKeown
Chris Lewis
Brad Opdyke
Michelle Cooper
Cathy Brown

Geological Heritage Sub-Committee

Doug Finlayson – convenor
Cathy Brown
Ken McQueen
Mike Rickard
Matt Townsend
Monica Yeung

ACT Stratigraphy Subcommission
Albert Brakel – Convenor
Virginia Passmore
Cathy Brown