2022 Membership Renewals 

2022 GSA membership renewal notices have been posted to members. We look forward to bringing you new GSA events and membership benefits next year!

Membership renewal methods include:

  •  Call the GSA Business Office on (02) 9290 2194 and pay via credit card
  •  Mailing a cheque or a renewal form to the GSA Business Office
    (a self-addressed envelope and renewal form were enclosed with renewal notices)
  •  Paying via Electronic Funds Transfers (make sure to quote your name and member no.)
     Account Name: Geological Society of Australia Inc.
     (BSB: 082067 Account Number: 52-507-4491)
  •  Signing in and accessing your profile page on the GSA website

   1: Click here to sign into the GSA website;
   2: Click on your name at the top of the homepage;
   3: Click on the Renew Now button. This will allow you to pay for your renewal.

If you wish to know more or need assistance renewing your GSA membership please contact the GSA Business Office on (02) 9290 2194 or email [email protected]. We can also help lapsed members reactivate their membership for the new year.

Work For Us!

Book-keeper & Membership Support Officer
Geological Society of Australia Inc
4 days per week

Book-keeping, Events, Membership and Administration Support

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Member Benefits
Join us today and become a part of our growing community. Start enjoying the benefits of membership:

  • Instant connections to our growing community of members
  • Discounts on products and events
  • Subscription to an internationally recognised peer-reviewed scientific journal, The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences
  • An alternative subscription choice of Alcheringa
  • ... and much more!