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GSA Awards
S.W. Carey Medal

A medal awarded at the Australian Geological Convention to a person distinguished in the field of tectonics (sensu lato).

Nominate a colleague for the S.W. Carey Medal.
Read about Samuel Carey and his contributions to the scientific communtity.

2012 Richard Glen. Presented at the 34th IGC, 2012

2010 Bill Collins. Presented at the 20th ACG, 2010

2008: Prof. Gordon Lister. Presented at the 19th ACG, 2008

2004: Dietmar Müller. Presented at the 17th ACG, 2004.

2002: Peter Cawood. Presented at the 16th AGC, 2002.

2000: Russell Korsch. Presented at the 15th AGC, 2000.

1998: David Gray. Presented at the 14th AGC, 1998.

1996: Evan Leitch. Presented at the 13th AGC, 1996.

1994: Erwin Scheibner. Presented at the 12th AGC, 1994.

1992: John Veevers (first recipient). Presented at the S.W. Carey Symposium Dinner, 1992.

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