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geoz 45 April 2012


New formula for Earth?

Planet Earth

Current theories claim Earth's composition should be the same as the composition of chondritic meteoroids. Dr Ian Campbell and Professor Hugh O'Neill from the Australian National University discuss evidence against a chondritic Earth in their paper in Nature.

Image courtesy of ABC Science


Divisional information is regularly updated at
Check this site for more recent information on the following events:

Australian Capital Territory

Regular meetings: Third Tuesday of each month (Except January)
Jaeger Lecture Theatre, Jaeger Building (Building 61), Australian National University For more information:

New South Wales

2012 meeting dates to be advised
For more information:


2012 meeting dates to be advised
For more information:

South Australia

Thursday 19th April 2012
Len Altman
Annual General Meeting
Mawson Theatre, University of Adelaide. 5.30 pm for 6.15 pm

Regular meetings: Third Thursday of each month (except January)
The Mawson Theatre, Mawson Laboratories, Adelaide University, 5.15 pm for 6.15 pm
For more information:


2012 meeting dates to be advised
For more information:

Thursday 26th April 2012
Dr Rebecca Cary
Title to be advised but something to do with Volcanism
School of Earth Sciences, Lecture Theatre, University of Tasmania 6pm

Thursday 24th May 2012
Chairmans Lecture Dr Garry Davidson
Annual General Meeting:“Andean lakes, stalactites, champagne, and Western Australian gold: you’ll see the link by the end.”
School of Earth Sciences, Lecture Theatre, University of Tasmania 6pm


2012 meeting dates to be advised
For more information:

Western Australia

Regular meetings: First Wednesday of each month (except December and January)
Irish Club of WA, 61 Townshend Road, Subiaco, 5.30pm
For more information:


GSA membership

Have you renewed for 2012? Membership started on the 1/1/12, make sure you do not miss any GSA news or issues of AJES by paying late. Pay your membership here using your member number and password (on your renewal notice). If in doubt, please contact the GSA office:

National Rock Garden newsletter now available

Rock garden advert

The National Rock Garden, launched at the 2010 Australian Earth Sciences Convention in Canberra, will have up to 100 large specimens of the country's most iconic rocks, each weighing approximately 10–15 tonnes. To find out how you can contribute follow this link:

To download the latest National Rock Garden newsletter just click this link.

If you would like to join the Friends of the National Rock Garden and receive newsletters and information directly by email please send a request to

Image courtesy of Doug Finlayson


Square Kilometre Array decision delayed

With only two contenders: South Africa and Australia/New Zealand to be the hosts for the world’s biggest telescope, competition between the countries is tight for this mammoth research project. Members will meet in Amsterdam on 4 April to further discuss the bid. CSIRO’s new ASKAP antennas
Image courtesy of AnzSka

Refining Earth’s Clock: 700, 000 years younger?

New research has revealed that some events in Earth's history happened more recently than previously thought. Scientists from the British Geological Survey and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, publishing recently in the journal Science, have refined the data used to determine how much time has passed since a mineral or rock was formed.


Industry Geoscience highlights at the IGC

No time to peruse the full program? Then read the industry geoscientists highlights for the IGC, much more relevant than you make think.

34th IGC news Scientific Program

To view the full scientific program (36+ themes) go to:

Snapshots for Planetary Geoscientists at the IGC

Theme 5. Geoscience Information
Theme 15. A Dynamic Earth
Theme 16. The Deep Earth
Theme 17. The Early Earth: Hadean and Archean Development of a Habitable Planet
Theme 19. Geochronology and Isotope Geology
Theme 20. Planetary Sciences
Theme 21. Magmatism – Settings, Compositions and Processes
Theme 32. Geoscience Information from Proximal and Remote-Sensing Technologies

For an overview of topics of interest click here


Time Travellers take us to the beginning

Australia- Time Travellers Guide

Dr Richard Smith presents Australia: The Time Traveller’s Guide. If you haven’t caught episode 1 of this series, it isn’t too late. Starring the Australian continent, on the ABC you can catch up through iView or buy the series. Numerous GSA members have contributed in their field of expertise.

Image courtesy of ABC Science

Time Traveller’s interactive website

If the series isn’t enough, there is also a website where you can explore deep time, download wallpapers, explore animated creatures, take quizzes and much more!

This is a fun tool to engage young and not so young minds in the geosciences.

What's in AJEStop

The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences online is available through the Taylor & Francis' website: It is very easy to navigate and use.

Volume 59 Issue No.3 - Coming to you soon

L. T. White, T. Ahmad, G. S. Lister, T. R. Ireland & M. A. Forster
Is the switch from I- to S-type magmatism in the Himalayan Orogen indicative of the collision of India and Eurasia?

F. S. Genske, R. H. Flood & M. A. Lackie
Geophysical characterisation of a blind I-type pluton emplaced within the Bundarra Suite S-type granites of the New England Batholith.

J. R. Hunt & G. C. Young
Depositional environment, stratigraphy, structure and paleobiology of the Hatchery Creek Group (Early–?Middle Devonian) near Wee Jasper, New South Wales.

R. C. Dart, K. M. Barovich, S. M. Hill & D. J. Chittleborough
Sr-isotopes as a tracer of Ca sources and mobility in profiles hosting regolith carbonates from southern Australia.

A. Lambeck, K. Barovich, A. D. George, A. Cross, D. Huston & T. Meixner
Proterozoic turbiditic depositional system (Tanami Group) in the Tanami region, northern Australia, and implications for gold mineralisation.

G. L. Fraser, L. Bagas & D. L. Huston
40Ar/39Ar evidence for the timing of Paleoproterozoic gold mineralisation at the Sandpiper Deposit, Tanami region, northern Australia.

R. C. Morris
Microplaty hematite – its varied nature and genesis.

Morris & Kneeshaw 2011. Genesis modelling for the Hamersley BIF-hosted iron ores of Western Australia: a critical review. AJES 58, 417–451.

A. D. T. Goode

R. C. Morris & M. Kneeshaw

Coming up in TAGtop

June TAG in pre-planning stages

We have received a large amount of content for the June edition, Issue #163. Get your copy in early while there is still space. Deadline for June 2012 submissions: 30 April 2012 – but the earlier the better.

Follow the TAG link to submit material for 2012 editions or to find out more: or email


34th IGC Early-bird registration open

Early bird registration fees, together with accommodation options and social events, have now been released.
This offer enables delegates to register for the 34th IGC at a reduced rate.

Groundwater Essentials: Storage and Movement of Groundwater, 11 May 2012

Groundwater Essentials: Storage and Movement of Groundwater
International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management ICEWaRM

Symposium promotion - Petascale Computational Geoscience, The Sebel Mandurah, WA, 13-16 May 2011

2012 APPEA Conference and Exhibition, Adelaide,SA, 13-16 May 2012

Adelaide Convention & Exhibition Centre
For more information:

Seventh International Symposium on Ground Support in Mining and Underground Construction, Perth, 14-16 May 2012

Advanced Application of Seismology in Mines, Perth, 15-18 May 2012

2nd Desalination Short School: Global Case Studies - Conception to Operation , Adelaide, SA, 18 May 2012

International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management ICEWaRM

For more information:

6th Biennial Sensitive High Resolution Ion MicroProbe (SHRIMP) Workshop, Brisbane, 1–4 August 2012

First Circular now available for download

34th International Geological Congress, Brisbane, 5–10 August 2012

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