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Branchline Online
We surveyed the geoz readership recently to see where we could improve content and delivery. The results indicated that readers are most interested in brief updates of current new and what’s on, and what colleagues are up to around the traps. Readers were also interested in short pointers on topics related to geology in society. Some design issues were raised, and this along with all the other feedback will be accommodated in a new-look geoz in 2007. 

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Did you know? Geoz is available from the GSA website under Publications? The latest version and past versions are all there in browser pdf format for easy viewing. If your email can’t process the html version, please check the website for an alternative version.

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Branchline Online
AESC 2008: International showcase for Australian Earth sciences announced
The Geological Society has announced that Australian Earth Sciences Convention 2008 will be held in Perth, Western Australia – during International Year of Planet Earth – to highlight Australian geosciences in a global context. Held in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Geoscientists, expert international speakers at the 2008 convention will feature in a program created to address contemporary world Earth science issues. More coming soon.

Australian Earth Science Convention 2008 Sunday 20 July - Friday 25 July 2008

Call for Abstracts: 2nd International Salinity Forum – ‘Salinity, Water and Society: global issues, local action’.
Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia 31 March – 3 April 2007. Abstracts due 28 February 2007. Find out more
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Branchline Online

24 November 2006:

The Royal Society of Victoria and Deakin University are jointly hosting this special symposium in honour of the late Neil Archbold, Professor of Palaeontology at Deakin University, and Immediate Past President of The Royal Society of Victoria. Download the notice

South Australia

Friday 1 December 2006:
Third South Australian Explorers Conference 2006.

20 Presentations on New Companies/IPO’s, Feasibility Studies, Exploration Projects, Near Mine Exploration. Keynote addresses by Paul Heithersay, David Giles, Ian Plimer. Total Cost $110 (GST Inclusive) includes DVD of presentations, Coffee Breaks and Lunch. Student Free. Download the registration form.

Branchline Online
Branchline Online
Tectonics and Stuctural Geology SG

‘Deformation in the Desert’. Alice Springs, Australia 9–13 July 2007. Find out more

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Branchline Online
GA University Cadetships

In 2007 Geoscience Australia is offering a unique cadetship scheme for Canberra-based students embarking on their first year of university science studies. The cadetship scheme is open to all Canberra students who have done well in science and maths for their Year 12 Certificate and are about to apply for a place at the Australian National University in a science-related degree.

Expressions of interest are currently being accepted, with all interviews occurring after university entrance scores have been released. Please send your expression of interest to Tony Robinson, or contact him on (02) 6249 9411 for more information.

Branchline Online
Branchline Online
World Conference on Science & Technology Education (8–12 July 2007)

The GSA is convening a major presence at this world-calibre event, to launch GSA’s planned teacher education materials, as well as the teacher membership. WE will be using the event as a staging point because it is the single largest gathering of our teacher  market, and it represents a strategic international platform to support GSA's international standing.

Greg McNamara, our Education & Outreach consultant, is coordinating a major geoscience contribution aimed at teachers’ needs and the salient geoscience issues in contemporary society. Our GSA booth will be supporting this technical program and leading science media presenter Paul Willis (ABC Science) will be providing a highlight presentation. For more information, visit the conference website or contact Greg McNamara.

Branchline Online
Branchline Online
Geoscience Alert

Geoscience Australia’s excellent online newsletter, AusGeoNews is available online every edition. AusGeo News  September 2006  Issue No. 83 is the latest edition, and you can subscribe to receive alerts via email.

NatGeo science

National Geographic Channel is a committed sponsor and supporter of geography and science education in Australia. Each day it schedules special programming for schools. Background information to these documentaries for schools and kids is featured on our website called GSI Kids (Geography Science Investigation). Read the latest.

Hard Core Planet

ABC Science Online has an engaging geology feature, focusing on geology. Go to the site to do a quiz and read more about our planet. An excellent geological tour!

Industry audio online

MiningNewsPremium has some excellent audio resources as part of its industry news delivery. A recent version contained Ian Plimer’s thoughts on the exploration boom.

Branchline Online
Branchline Online
National Geographic Channel Celebrates Earth Science Week 2006
Amy Prendergast, a Tsunami Geologist at Geoscience Australia, talks about the significance of her work and the reasons why she studied geoscience.

"Being a Tsunami Geologist is very ‘hands-on’ I often have to wade around in muddy estuaries for hours but, she says, it’s a wonderful way to indulge in her childhood fascination of playing around in the dirt!"

For more information visit the NG website.
Deep seismic survey uncovers Australia's secret past
Fresh analysis of seismic data gathered in the Broken Hill region has revealed new information about the make-up of the Australian continent, in particular the recognition of a previously unidentified merging of the Earth's crust. Read more
Volcanoes may reveal secrets through 'song'

New Scientist reports that by converting seismic data from active volcanoes into frequencies audible to human ears, even into music, patterns of activity preceding eruptions may be discovered. This fascinating article is accompanied by an audio file online. Read more.

Branchline Online
Branchline Online
New seabed map
A world-first map launched recently aims to uncover Australia's untapped, underwater mineral resources.

Minister for Education, Science and Training, the Hon Julie Bishop MP, and Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources, the Hon Ian Macfarlane MP, revealed the unique map, highlighting areas of mineralisation off Australia’s coastline.

Minister Bishop said data collected in the compilation of the map would also help researchers better understand the seafloor environment in Australian waters. Read more.

Discovery Channel: Atlas Australia launched
The landmark documentary feature ‘Discovery Atlas: Australia Revealed’ premiered on October 29 at 7.30pm, on the Discovery Channel.

The GSA assisted in this magnificent production with some fact-checking. Visit the website for more details.

Branchline Online
Branchline Online
Edition 53/4

Research papers

E B Bekele, R B Salama & D P Commander:
Hydrogeology and hydrochemistry of the Parmelia aquifer, northern Perth Basin, Western Australia

E B Bekele, R B Salama & D P Commander:
Impact of change in vegetation cover on groundwater recharge to a phreatic aquifer in Western Australia: assessment of several recharge estimation techniques

K F Bull & J McPhie:
Facies architecture of the Lower Devonian Ural Volcanics, New South Wales

G J Price & G E Webb:
Late Pleistocene sedimentology, taphonomy and megafauna extinction on the Darling Downs, southeastern Queensland

E A Belousova, W V Preiss, M P Schwarz & W L Griffin:
Tectonic affinities of the Houghton Inlier, South Australia: U–Pb and Hf isotope data from zircons in modern stream sediments

C A Hopley & B G Jones:
Holocene stratigraphic and morphological evolution of the Wandandian Creek delta, St Georges Basin, New South Wales

W T Ward & J L F Hacker:
Brisbane Airport: an alluvial landscape veiled by marine sediments

F Pirajno, P W Haines & R M Hocking:
Keene Basalt, northwest Officer Basin, Western Australia: tectono-stratigraphic setting and implications for possible submarine mineralisation

N L Neumann, P N Southgate, G M Gibson & A McIntyre:
New SHRIMP geochronology for the Western Fold Belt of the Mt Isa Inlier: developing a 1800–1650 Ma event framework

C Persano, P Bishop & F M Stuart:
Apatite (U–Th)/He age constraints on the Mesozoic and Cenozoic evolution of the Bathurst region, New South Wales: quantifying the denudation of the plateau surface of a high-elevation passive margin

Discussion and reply

C T Klootwijk:
Discussion. Carboniferous to Lower Permian stratigraphy of the southern Tamworth Belt, southern New England Orogen, Australia: boundary sequences of the Werrie and Rouchel blocks. J Roberts: Reply.

Branchline Online
Branchline Online

19th International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition – ‘Exploration & Beyond’.
Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Western Australia
18–22 November 2006.
Find out more

9th Australasian Environmental Isotope Conference and 2nd Australasian Hydrogeology Research Conference – ‘Integrating research and innovation’.
Stamford Grand Hotel, South Australia
13–15 December 2006.
Find out more

GSLondon Bicentennial Conference – ‘Earth Sciences in the Service of Society’.
Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, London
10–12 September 2007.
Find out more
6th International IHAS Groundwater Quality Conference – ‘Securing Groundwater Quality in Urban and Industrial Environments’.
Femantle, Western Australia
2–7 December 2007.
Find out more

1st International Circumpolar Conference on Geospatial Sciences and Applications – IPY GeoNorth 2007.
Yellowknife, Canada
20–24 August 2007.
Find out more

19th ASEG/PESA Conference and Exhibition – ‘Exploration and Beyond’.
Perth, Western Australia
18–22 November 2007.
Find out more

International Polar Year 2007–2008 – ‘Polar Science: Global Impact’.
Find out more

International Geological Congress. Oslo 5–14 August 2008.
Find out more
Branchline Online
Branchline Online

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