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GSA Public Lecture Series
This year’s national Public Lecture Series was held mainly during Earth Science Week (10-16 October 2004), featuring Malcolm Walter and Charley Lineweaver – outstanding authorities on early life and the Solar system.
Audiences in all but one venue were 100-150 people. The GSA Executive thanks everyone in the local Divisions whose efforts made the PLS successful, and particularly thanks the speakers for their excellent, challenging and entertaining presentations.

Visit the GSA website to find out more.

Hot Off the Press
New guidebook on the origins of our national parks: the GSA Qld Division is pleased to introduce Rocks and Landscapes of the National Parks of Southern Queensland by Warwick Willmott. Find out more.

Much-awaited overview of Australia's geology released
The first overview of Australia's geology in 50 years has just been published, encompassing the huge leaps in our understanding over that time - from the hypothesis of plate tectonics to the ability to see the whole of Australia from space. The Geology of Australia has been written by David Johnson (James Cook University). Listen to the radio interview.]

Data Metallogenica Special offer
Data Metallogenica is a unique web-based global mineral deposit information system. It is self-funding, owned as a not-for-profit enterprise by AMIRA International on behalf of the world minerals industry and associated institutions. Data Metallogenica needs to be financially self-sufficient by December 2004, when web subscription revenues must cover running costs to allow further development. Special competitive rates have been established for universities, individuals, companies and government agencies for unlimited web access. Find out more.

On Show
Opening of new Sciencecentre in Queensland Museum
Queensland Museum’s new Sciencentre was officially opened in September. Included in the exhibition is Earth Space, which explores the wonders of the earth and the solar system. Find out more.

Fly around Australia's seafloor in three minutes
The beauty and diversity of Australia’s sea floor is no longer a mystery following the release of footage that takes people around Australia’s ocean bed in less than three minutes. View the National Oceans Fly Through (needs RealOne Player).

Mother Nature’s Dark Side Exposed At IMAX
The ground moves, mountains explode, and the sky turns black and violent.  Ironically, the natural forces that helped create life on our planet can also endanger it. National Geographic, in partnership with Graphic Films, delivers the remarkable spectacle of earthquakes, volcanoes and tornadoes on the giant screen in “Forces of Nature,” premiering at IMAX Theatre in Sydney on October 21, 2004. It will show for the next four months. Find out more.

The Australian National Botanic Gardens presents Adaptations of Australian Plants. Find out how Mallee plants adapt to living in shallow, sandy soils and Australia's hot, dry summers. Investigate how plants in the rainforest adapt to high humidity and rainfall throughout the year. Take a wander through Mallee and Rainforest at the Australian National Botanic Gardens to discover how plants survive in different Australian landscapes. Download informative resources for FREE from the Australian National Botanic Gardens website, suitable for school groups and individuals.

Questacon's Earth Quest - Outer Space to Inner Earth exhibition contains simple hands on exhibits about the solar system, atmospheric science, the Earth's surface and sub-surface. Their Awesome Earth - The Power and the Beauty is an exhibition in Canberra that allows you to experience an earthquake, watch caged lightning and discover Earth's geological forces.

Branchline Online
Branchline Online
geoz launch
Welcome to the first edition of geoz – the Geological Society of Australia’s latest member news service. All members will continue to receive future editions of geoz, and other interested parties can receive future editions via electronic subscription. Click here to subscribe. Click here to unsubscribe.

If you’d like to publish your news or events in geoz, or to contribute anything of interest to the wider geoscience community, let us know.

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New Look TAG

Along with the appointment of editor Jim Beeston, we are pleased to introduce a new-look magazine with refreshing new content, news and views, that will explore, and inform readers about, Australian geoscience.

TAG is read by more than 4000 geologists, geophysicists, palaeontologists, hydrologists, geochemists, cartographers and geoscience educators in Australia and around the world.

TAG is the ideal medium for promoting sponsorships, short courses, conferences, employment opportunities, geo-technical equipment, new book releases …Contact TAG with your material or ideas.

New Look Website
Stay tuned for a revitalised online presence in the coming months. While maintaining the depth of information already available on the GSA website, we’ll be addressing more GSA issues and expanding coverage of the Society’s activities and functions.
New Outreach & Teacher Training
Greg McNamara from Geoscience Education and Outreach has been appointed to raise the visibility of geoscience in schools. Greg is starting with an overview of state curricula and is updating curriculum documents from all states. He is also reviewing relevant teaching resources, including cross-referencing the resources to present curricula.
Industry Initiatives
We aim to raise our profile among industry geoscientists via sponsorship of an annual series of targeted workshops to be run by experts, in locations most convenient for industry people. More information will be presented in future editions of TAG.
Branchline Online
Branchline Online
AusGeoRef is a new online bibliographic database that makes geoscience research quick and easy. It is a bibliographic geoscience database drawn from GeoRef that covers the Australian literature since 1933, and includes over 65,000 bibliographic references on Australia from the journal literature, meeting proceedings and abstracts, books, reports and maps. Documents in AusGeoRef are primarily related to geology and geophysics, but also include information related to environmental science, soils and oceanography. AusGeoRef is the result of collaboration between the American Geological Institute and Geoscience Australia. For more information check out www.ausgeoref.
Branchline Online
Branchline Online
GA Minerals Seminar 2004
Up-to-date results from Geoscience Australia's minerals program will be presented at a one-day seminar in Perth on Monday 29 November 2004. Find out more.
Brownfields exploration short course
8-19 November 2004, Hobart. CODES short course on high technology exploration in data-rich environments, featuring leading experts. Find out more.
Specialist Interest Group in Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrology (SGGMP) biennial conference
13-15 July 2005, Port Maquarie. Contact organizer and SGGMP Secretary Dr Ian Graham at the Geodiversity Research Centre, The Australian Museum.

Australian Earth Science Convention 2006
2-7 July 2006, Melbourne. The GSA and the ASEG have combined their major conference and exhibition events into one for 2006. Find out more.

Branchline Online
Branchline Online
South Australia
  • Fossil Protection in South Australia
    The South Australian government recently launched a Public Discussion Paper on protection fossils in South Australia and is canvassing for opinion. See the Discussion Paper.

  • Awards for geological excellence - comments closing
    Call for comments on the Bruce Webb Medal and a Walter Howchin Medal to recognize geological excellence in South Australia. Find out more.

  • Next meeting
    Thursday 18 November 2004. Annual Dinner  Speaker to be confirmed. This is a non-technical presentation and all members and partners are encouraged to attend. Find out more.
  • Revisiting a leeper survey & a volcano or two: a soils and geomorphology excursion to the western district
    Saturday 6th November 2004. 8:30am–7:00pm. Australian Society of Soil Science Branch in association with the GSA’s Vic Division will present the geomorphological story of the region, especially its volcanic landforms. A bus leaves from Gate 12 University of Melbourne, but you should have registered.with Jack Holland Tel: (03) 8344 5018 Mobile (0439) 631 937

  • Next meeting
    Thursday, November 25, 2004, 6:15pm. Christmas General meeting with Thorpe/Aillieres/Bierlein: Victorian Gold - the Monash view.
New South Wales
  • The Australian Museum and the GSA’s NSW Division are presenting a free public lecture series to highlight the importance and relevance of geoscience to the community. Although the events are free of charge, bookings are essential due to limited seating capacity and are on a first-come-first-served basis. Book early!

    • Wednesday 10th November 2004, 6:00 – 7:30pm
      Emeritus Professor John Roberts chairs:
      • Salinity in Australia: Professor Alan Chivas (University of Wollongong)
      • Climate change in the geological record: Professor Greg Skilbeck (University of Technology, Sydney)
      • Geology and Construction: Dr Tom Hubble (University of Sydney)

    • Tuesday 16th November 2004, 6:00 – 7:30pm
      Emeritus Professor Ron Vernon, Macquarie University chairs:
      • Marsupial evolution in Australia: Professor Mike Archer (University of New South Wales)
      • The search for life on Mars: Professor Malcolm Walter (Australian Centre for Astrobiology)
      • The age of fishes in Australia: Dr Alex Ritchie (Australian Museum)

  • Next meeting
    Wednesday 17th November 2004 , 5:15pm. Dr Tom Hubble (Chair GSA NSW Division): Annual Honours Students Night. A series talks by honours students from the various geoscience departments of the greater Sydney region on their honours research projects. Find out more.
  • GSA Field excursion
    Saturday 20 November 2004. Visit to CSR’s sand pit followed by a tour at Woodlawn. More details soon.
Northern Territory
  • Tertiary Studies Earth Sciences Cadetship Launched

    There's a new incentive for Territory students interested in a career in earth sciences or geology, with the formation of a new cadetship program. Northern Territory Mines and Energy Minister, Kon Vatskalis, announced the new scholarship today at Charles Darwin University. Find our more about the scholarship.
  • AK Denmead Lecture to be held in late November. Stay tuned for developments.
  • TAS Division’s academic awards upgraded
    Prize money for the Max Banks Prize, awarded annually to the best 2nd year geology student at UTAS, will be $300, raised from the previous $200.

    The SW Carey Prize, annually awarded to the outstanding first class honours students in broadly geological disciplines at UTAS will increase from $500 to $600.
Western Australia
  • Data management conference
    1-2 November 2004. Comprehensive update on recent issues, developments and best practice in resource data and information management. Find out more.

  • Next meeting
    Tuesday 2 November 2004. Brett McInnes (CSIRO): The role of the mantle in Cu-Au metallogenesis in island arcs. Find out more.
Coming up in AJAS
Branchline Online
Branchline Online
Volume 51 - Number 5

Research Papers
S A Cooper & E A Belousova
Granite gneiss basement on Flinders Island, South Australia

A F Trendall, W Compston, D R Nelson, J R de Laeter & V C Bennett
SHRIMP zircon ages constraining the depositional chronology of the Hamersley Group, Western Australia

S E Bryan, C M Allen, R J Holcombe & C R Fielding
U–Pb zircon geochronology of Late Devonian to Early Carboniferoous extension-related silicic volcanism in the northern New England Fold Belt

A R Orpin, G J Brunskill, K J Woolfe & I Zagorskis
Sediment partitioning in a mixed terrigenous–carbonate system, central Great Barrier Reef shelf, Australia

A R Budd & G L Fraser
Geological relationships and 40Ar/39Ar  age constraints on Au mineralisation at Tarcoola, Central Gawler Gold Province, South Australia

D Megirian, P Murray, L Schwarz & C von der Borch
Late Oligocene Kangaroo Well Local Fauna from the Ulta Limestone (new name), and climate of the Miocene oscillation across central Australia

R Boyd, K Ruming & J J Robert
Geomorphology and surficial sediments on the southeast Australian continental margin

Discussion & Reply
R W Young & I McDougall: Discussion. K R Sharp: Reply
Cenozoic volcanism, tectonism and stream derangement in the Snowy Mountains and northern Monaro area of New South Wales

Branchline Online
Branchline Online

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