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South Australia

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Webb and Howchin Medals - Call for Nominations

Nominations for the Bruce Webb and Walter Howchin Medals in 2015 should be made to the
Divisional Secretary by 1 July 2015. Nominations will remain current for a period of five years.
Nominees do not need to be a GSA member. Unsuccessful nominations made in previous years
remain current. Details of both awards are as follows:

The Bruce Webb Medal may be awarded annually to a person distinguished for leadership
that has advanced the earth sciences and/or contributions to the advance of knowledge within
the earth sciences. The award will be made in regard to achievements associated with South

The Walter Howchin Medal may be awarded annually to a researcher in the early stage
of their research careers who is distinguished by their significant published research work
within the earth sciences. Research contributions are judged on the quality, originality and
recognition. Researchers should be 35 years of age or younger.

Contact the Divisional Secretary

New Field Brochure – Robe Geological Trail

The GSA SA Division is pleased to announce the publication of the new field guide for Robe
and surrounding areas, the 8th in the continuing series of South Australian Geology Field
Brochures. The guide was prepared by John Cann of the GSA SA Division and the Field Guide
Download a copy of the guide here
For further details on this series of field guides please visit the GSA SA website


Next Meeting

20 August 2015, Adelaide
GSA SA Annual Dinner

Earthquake Prediction through the Ages
Guest speaker: Prof Sandy Steacy, Head of the School of Physical Sciences,
the University of Adelaide
There will also be a presentation of the Bruce Webb and Walter Howchin Medals
Venue: Historian Hotel
Registration: $60 for members and guests, $30 for students
Contact the Divisional Secretary, Morgan Blades at to RSVP
There will be limited advanced sales of tickets, cash only on the night


Anna Petts

Vice Chair

Morgan Blades

Treasurer / Conference Administration
Claire Wade

Programme Secretary
Kevin Wills

Simon Holford

Web Page Editor
Robert Dart

General Commitee
Len Alman,
Barry Cooper,
John Foden,
Caroline Forbes
Simon Holford,
Benjamin Kimpton
Richard Lilly,
Gunther Longueville,
Tom Raimondo,
Mick Roche,
Heather Duff, Student representative,

Geological Heritage
Bob Major (Convenor),Wayne Cowley, Pam Hasenhohr, Colin Conor, Ian Lewis.

SA Stratigraphy Subcommission

Wayne Cowley (Convenor), Jim Jago

Geological education:
Len Altman

Field Guide Subcommittee
: Barry Cooper (Convenor), Noel Hiern (Secretary), John Cann, Colin Conor,
Wayne Cowley, Jim Jago, Nick Langsford, Bob Major

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